Gifts Under £20 for Board Game Lovers

Affordable Delights for Board Game Enthusiasts

Finding the perfect gift for a board game lover doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of thoughtful, fun, and functional options available for under £20. Whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday, or just because, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to any gamer’s face.

Personalised Board Game Accessories

Custom Dice Sets

Dice are an essential component of many board games, and a custom set can add a personal touch. From colourful designs to unique engravings, custom dice sets are a great way to enhance any gaming experience. They’re not only functional but also a delightful keepsake.

Personalised Game Pieces

Personalised game pieces can make a beloved board game even more special. Consider customising pieces with the recipient’s initials or favourite colours. These small touches can turn a standard game night into something truly memorable.


Stylish Board Game Apparel

Quirky T-Shirts

Every board game lover needs a quirky t-shirt to show off their passion. Look for shirts with clever slogans, iconic game references, or eye-catching designs. It’s a great way for them to wear their love for games on their sleeve, quite literally.

Fun Socks

Socks might seem like a mundane gift, but not when they’re adorned with board game themes. From Monopoly money prints to tiny meeples, fun socks can be a cheerful addition to any gamer’s wardrobe. They’re a simple yet effective way to add a bit of playfulness to daily attire.


Practical Game Night Essentials

Dice Trays

Dice trays are a practical gift that can make game nights run more smoothly. They help keep dice rolls contained, preventing those runaway dice from disappearing under the furniture. Plus, they come in various designs and materials to suit any style.

Card Holders

Card holders are another practical addition to a board game enthusiast’s collection. These handy tools help players keep their hands organised and their cards protected. They’re especially useful for games with large hands or complex card arrangements.


Decorative Items for the Board Game Room

One Piece Poster Wano 243

Mini Posters

Mini posters featuring artwork from popular board games can add a decorative touch to any game room. These prints are often vibrant and detailed, capturing the essence of the games they represent. They’re an affordable way to liven up the walls.

Themed Wall Art

Themed wall art, such as framed prints or canvas pieces, can make a bold statement in a board game room. Look for art that reflects the recipient’s favourite games or gaming moments. It’s a thoughtful way to personalise their space and celebrate their hobby.


Board Game Inspired Stationery


Notebooks inspired by board games are perfect for jotting down scores, strategies, or simply doodling. They often feature thematic covers and illustrations, making them a fun and functional gift. Ideal for both gamers and those who love a bit of whimsy in their stationery.

Pens and Pencils

Complement the notebooks with board game-themed pens and pencils. These writing tools can be adorned with mini game pieces, dice, or other related motifs. They’re small but thoughtful gifts that show you’ve considered the recipient’s interests.


Gamer's Drinkware

Pokemon 3D Mug Eevee

Themed Mugs

A themed mug can make every cup of tea or coffee feel like part of the game. Look for mugs that feature game boards, pieces, or witty game-related phrases. It’s a practical gift that brings a bit of joy to their daily routine.

Drink Coasters

Drink coasters might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but they’re incredibly useful during game nights. Themed coasters can protect the table from spills while adding a touch of personality. Choose designs that reflect popular games or gaming symbols.


Small Storage Solutions

Token Bags

Token bags are a fantastic way to keep small game pieces organised. They come in various sizes and designs, often with drawstring closures for easy access. Personalised or themed bags can add an extra layer of charm.

Organiser Boxes

For those who like to keep everything in its place, organiser boxes are a must. These small storage solutions can hold cards, dice, tokens, and more. They’re perfect for gamers who value organisation and want to keep their game components in top condition.


Conclusion: Thoughtful Gifts on a Budget

Finding the perfect gift for a board game lover doesn’t have to be expensive. With a bit of thought and creativity, you can choose from a wide range of affordable options that are sure to delight. From personalised accessories to practical game night essentials, these gifts under £20 are perfect for showing your appreciation for their hobby. So go ahead, pick something special, and watch their face light up with joy.

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