Go Big or Go Home: How to Surprise a Friend for Her Birthday

The Struggle of Finding an Exceptional Gift

We've all faced this challenge: your friend's birthday is just around the corner and you want to make it special. The usual gifts like generic gift cards or predictable bouquets seem inadequate, especially when you're dealing with a board game fan. You need a unique and personalised approach to truly impress.

The Perils of Ordinary Gifting

Let's be real: the last thing you want is to be the friend who gifts another monogrammed notebook or scented candle. The stakes are even higher when your friend is into board games. You could always pick up some posters or apparels, but will they truly make an impact? You risk becoming forgettable, and in the realm of birthdays, that's the equivalent of drawing the "Go to Jail" card in Monopoly.

Unique Gifting Ideas that Will Win You the Game

Your mission is to make this birthday one for the history books. So how do you do it?

Personalised Apparel

Ditch the store-bought items and opt for personalised apparels that resonate with her board game passion. Whether it's a T-shirt with her favourite game quote or a hoodie featuring iconic game pieces, personalised clothing is always a hit.

Specialty Mugs

A coffee mug is an everyday item, but when it's customised, it becomes something special. Consider mugs that reflect her love for board games, be it through designs or funny quotes related to her favourite games.

Unique Posters

Decorate her world with posters that showcase iconic board game artwork or themes. It's wall art and a statement piece all in one.

Board Game Merch Extravaganza

Does she have a favourite game? Scour for special editions or even board game merch that could complete her collection.

Your Next Moves

By now, you should be equipped with a treasure trove of ideas. Set a budget, establish a timeline, and begin the exciting process of sourcing these unique items. Coordinate with friends and family to make the day even more memorable.



No more dilly-dallying! An unforgettable birthday for your board game fanatic friend is within your reach. From personalised apparel and mugs to exclusive posters and board game merch, you've got plenty of options to make her day extraordinary. Make your move and become the MVP of birthday surprises.

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